What to order when you don’t know?

01 Mar What to order when you don’t know?

For an industry outsider like your’s truly blogging, it is intriguing how a bartender probes for a customer’s taste when they’re not sure what they like. So what better place than the Reykjavík Bar Summit to ask for some experiences from the pros behind the bar who have lived through customers of all kinds. Here are the Top5 comments:

  • You start with whether they like bitter or sweet, if they have a favorite drink etc.
  • If the customer is normally a beer drinker, I ask for their favorite beer
  • If a customer gives you “free hands” on surprising them, ask what they don’t like anyway
  • Ask for a fruit or berry they like, there’s always something in those a person likes
  • Last resort: asking their favorite color, maybe that will give you something!


Also on Tuesday the Do no harm -lecture by Avery Glasser gave some truly important insights as to what aspects innovative and busy bartenders should consider when experimenting on new cocktails.

“Whenever a bartender is using new herbs or botanicals, they should consider doing research on why something hasn’t been used before”, Glasser said at Slippbarinn. “For example, you should definitely never mix tobacco with alcohol. About two years ago somebody made me a bad tonic syrup and after that I started a conversation about this with other bitter producers. And I think the conversation should go towards the industry in general.”

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