Reykjavík Bar Summit – Day 4

04 Mar Reykjavík Bar Summit – Day 4

The Grande Finale of the second Reykjavík Bar Summit began in beautiful sunshine and gin-related easygoing sessions at Slippbarinn. Henrik Hammer distilled gin out of Icelandic ingredients while talking about gin distilling. Great stuff!

The competitions continued at KEX Hostel Gym & Tonic where batches and batches of flavors from bars in Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland and the U.S. were made.

If your mother taught you as a kid never to give a chainsaw to someone who’s had a sip of 15 different cocktails, that didn’t apply at the cocktail competition venue KEX Hostel, where the backyard was used to dismantle some ice blocks.

The evening ended as it should: with some barhopping in downtown Reykjavík in four bars where our last year’s participants were guest-bartending. There were flames and rubber duckies involved in those drinks, among other things. After some nice walking around the city pubs, it was time for some professionally epic mayhem at a secret location in Grandi, the warehouse district of the Reykjavík harbor. Drinks were poured and the events of the four-day bartending extravaganza recapped.

And, most importantly, the results of the competition were announced: it was Finland’s A21 and Laura Nissinen and Patrick Seppä who took it away! Congratulations to them and a big high five to all other participants, beautiful work!

Thank you to all the amazing participants from some of Europe and the U.S.’s most innovative bars, a big thank you to all the sponsors and collaborators without whom this could not have been done! And the biggest shout out of all to all the volunteers who worked to make this happen. Love you to pieces!

See you all next year, SKÁL!