Reykjavík Bar Summit – Day 3

03 Mar Reykjavík Bar Summit – Day 3

Still going strong! Even after the second day’s excursion to Húsafell took to the early morning hours of Wednesday, it hasn’t stopped the Reykjavík Bar Summit from going onwards like a high speed bullet train (if there were such things in Iceland!).


Tom Zyankali, one of the judges better known perhaps as The Merlin of Berlin kicked off the program with a class in cocktail-aging, fatwashing and some curious molecular techniques.

In the afternoon the program moved from the Reykjavík Marina hotel to the KEX Hostel for some intense competition over cocktails. Wednesdays competitors included Tiki Tolteca from New Orleans, the Danes of Holmens Kanal, La Chine from New York, the Finnish A21, more Americans from Amor Y Amargo, the Czech representation from Super Panda Circus, U.K.’s Orchid, Little Quarter from Sweden and the Dead Rabbit from the U.S.

Some memorable moments included the shoebox tray of the Little Quarter, which basically had the interiors of the Little Quarter laid in a shoebox, the Amor Y Amargo’s presentation setting, A21’s drink with moss & branch decorations and Super Panda Circus’ drink glass which was basically a fairy doll riding a glass horse. Because why not! And yeah, the drinks of all the participating bars were pretty amazing too.

After all this the crowd gathered again at Harpa Concert Hall to begin the Battle of the Continents. The American and European representation went all in to win the favors of the crowd by delivering one fine drink after another. And in the end after a tight race it was Team Europe who was declared the champion! Congrats and what a fine night!

Bars competing at KEX Hostel.