How to name a bar?

02 Mar How to name a bar?

Twenty incredible bars from around Europe and the U.S. participate in this year’s Reykjavík Bar Summit. Today, right in the middle of the hectic cocktail competition, we asked the bartenders of the most weirdly named places how they got their names.

Super Panda Circus (Brno, Czech Republic) – Manager and co-owner Adam Vodicka

“The name of our bar is a tribute to our local cocktail pro Alex Kratena, who worked as the head of a hotel bar called Artesian in London. They had a drink on their menu called the Super Panda – and we added “circus” to it because we are all about surprising the people who come in. It gives us freedom to do anything fun and amazing.”

Liberty Or Death (Helsinki, Finland) – Mika Koivula, bartender

“The name came from attorney and American independence movement activist Patrick Henry. He gave a famous speech in Virginia in 1775 which ended in the words “give me liberty or give me death”. We adopted the name because we wanted to bring a cocktail revolution to Helsinki.”

Tiki Tolteca (New Orleans, U.S.) – Danielle Gray & Katie Moody, bartenders

“We are located on the south border of the U.S. so our name is a tribute to the Mezo-American culture of that southern region, especially the Tolteca civilization. The native South American cultures were amazing communities of engineers and we want to be amazing engineers in cocktails.”

The Little Quarter (Stockholm, Sweden) – Andrea Patelli, Bar Manager

“The Little Quarter is a small bar located inside a bigger venue called Marie Laveau, which is the name of a voodoo queen in New Orleans in the 1800s. So the Little Quarter derives from that New Orleans spirit and describes us within the Marie Laveau.”