Bartenders on the rocks on Reykjavík Bar Summit Day 2!

02 Mar Bartenders on the rocks on Reykjavík Bar Summit Day 2!

The second day of the Reykjavík Bar Summit was an action-packed day of Master Classes, boxing gloves and Glacier caving. So not a boring moment.

The morning was all about how to handle your drink. Kind of. More specifically the art of throwing – the pizzazz of bartending that captures the customers eye. A lecture on the subject and some beautiful moves were presented by the awesome Dan Priseman in the lobby of Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina.

And the #barsummit hashtags started flying around social media by the time the Boxing Gloves challenge started in the adjacent Slippbarinn. Bartenders were given a pair of boxing gloves and then put to work behind the bar. Heroically they battled to pour steadily, stir efficiently and crack eggs elegantly. Good job guys, you almost made it, too!

After the European and American teams got their instructions from their Icelandic team leaders, the merry attendees of the Reykjavík Bar Summit were herded into buses and taken on a little road trip to Hotel Húsafell and the amazing Langjökull Glacier, courtesy of Ölgerdin (which was only appropriate for the Icelandic Beer Day!) and Brennivín.

After a fascinating bus ride through the pittoresque, sunset-painted scenery of Southwestern Iceland, everyone got dressed into big boots and overalls at Hotel Húsafell and driven off in moonlanding-appropriate vans.

Going to visit a glacier and a cave built inside it is breathtaking! Not too breathtaking though for people to forget to ask questions like “Is there a mile-down club?”, aka anyone ever had sex inside a glacier. No one has – yet – but the Into The Glacier guides were not encouraging anyone to start.

For the Bar Summit people the day ended as only a great day in Iceland should: in a hot tub, outdoors, under the starlit skies, and with the added cherry on the cake: amazing northern lights! It was like a cathedral being set alight above the pools, with a DJ playing and a dinner waiting inside Hotel Húsafell.

A fantastic day for a cocktail-filled Beer Day! Cannot wait what Wednesday brings…

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Bartenders on the rocks

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Inside Langjökull.