Leap Day starts up Reykjavík Bar Summit

29 Feb Leap Day starts up Reykjavík Bar Summit

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What better way to spend this extra day we got in 2016 than to start the second round of a great tradition? On the afternoon of February 29, bartending professionals from all around Europe and the U.S. started pouring through the front doors of the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina to attend the second Reykjavík Bar Summit. So a one giant leap day for all bartending-kind!

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The Bar Summit is about bringing bartending professionals together. In their work bartenders don’t just do cocktails, they create experiences in a drink glass, so it’s only fair they get to experience something extraordinary together. Unlike at an industry fair, at the summit people actually get to meet and mingle with each other: over four days there are parties, competitions, Master Classes and excursions.

The first unforgettable memory was made at Slippbarinn, at the Reykjavík Marina hotel, where cocktails flowed from the bar’s new steampunk-themed new cocktail menu. The glasses are frozen with liquid nitrogen, pulp removed from juices with a centrifuge and some of the drinks are served in tin cans.

Participants in this year’s Bar Summit are bars from the Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Sweden, the U.K., the U.S., Belgium, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands, with altogether 20 bars in play. All the contenders and judges were introduced at Slippbarinn and the competitions start on Wednesday at 14 at KEX.

Looking forward to four fun-filled days at the 2016 Reykjavík Bar Summit!

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