Day 3 at the Reykjavik Bar Summit

04 Mar Day 3 at the Reykjavik Bar Summit

After two days competing, battling, sightseeing, drinking and partying it was time for the final day and night of the Reykjavik Bar Summit.It all started with a small “off venue” competition at Slippbarinn where each team had to work as one (literally) and create a whiskey sour cocktail, while dressed together in an oversized T-shirt. Armed with bourbon, lemons, syrup and other necessary ingredients the contestants strived to find the perfect harmony with their teammates, while aiming to create the perfect Whiskey Sour Cocktail. Mixed with competitiveness, enthusiasm and a slice of hangover, the contestants created a really fun event that surely will be repeated at next year’s summit.

The bars that competed at Idnó on the final day:



Cane and Table

Employees Only


The Gilroy

En Raus Bar



At 1 p.m. the main competition went ahead and the last eight bars took the stage while the seven others, that had competed the day before, sat comfortably among the audience, ready to be inspired by the remaining contestants.

Once the competition had ended the judges got few hours to deliberate and decide on a winner before gathering with the contestants at VOX Club where a 3 course meal awaited them.

Finally, our contestants got to experience a blowout party down at the Granda district and we will just let the pictures below tell that story.