A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

13 Feb A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

How Reykjavik Bar Summit was born
The first idea of Reykjavik Bar Summit was born by Ásgeir Már Björnsson, Henrik Hammer and Urður Anna Björnsdóttir in Reykjavik 2013. Their main goal was to create an interesting and fun bar event at the neutral grounds in Iceland, located ideally between Europe and North America. They however did not want the event to be branded by any company but rather to be a very creative, open and a fun event where bartenders could meet, mingle, compete and last but not least party and get to know the city of Reykjavik and give the people of Reykjavik the chance to get to know them. With that philosophy in mind the Reykjavik Bar Summit was established.

Reykjavik Bar Summit 2015

Teams from each participating bar will compete by creating a concept, atmosphere and a moment rather than only making a drink. At the Reykjavik Bar Summit bartenders from the two continents will rock and roll together as a group, taking part in this unforgettable experience.
The journey to where we stand today has been long, with the Reykjavik Bar Summit team developing the original idea and working hard to make it happen. And they definitely deserve a big credit for all their hard work:

The team behind Reykjavik Bar Summit consists of:

  • Ásgeir Már Björnsson, F&B Manager at Slippbarinn
  • Birgir Guðmundsson, General Manager at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina
  • Geoffrey Canilao, Owner at Balderdash, Copenhagen
  • Guðlaugur Kristmundsson, Project Manager at Icelandair Hotels
  • Sigrún Þormóðsdóttir, Restaurant Manager at Slippbarinn
  • Trausti Þór Karlsson, Digital Marketing Manager at Icelandair Hotels
  • Urður Anna Björnsdóttir, Office Manager at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina


We would not have been able to create the Summit without their enthusiasm and contributions, nor could we have done this without all the great sponsors and of course none of this would be happening without the participating bar teams.

All those great part takers will definitely make Reykjavik Bar Summit 2015 a memorable one and in the future we will have a very interesting annual event in Iceland that creates a connection between the bar scenes of Europe and North America.

With all that being said we would simply like to thank everyone for all their positive feedback that we have experienced for the last few months. We really appreciate it.

The Reykjavik Bar Summit Team